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I am having trouble getting SpeakQ to recognize my microphone during training.


Some USB headsets have drivers that may have trouble integrating with Windows 7. Only certain models of headsets function correctly, they need to be "Windows 7 certified" (although we have encountered some "certified" models that do not work either). The problem is that during training, there is a lag between the audio output and the microphone input which does not allow microphone input. This is a Microsoft driver issue that we cannot correct. Please note that this only occurs during the training, once training is completed there are no known issues at this time.


To bypass this issue and allow SpeakQ to function properly please try one of the following:


1 - Direct the sound through the speakers rather than the headset this "lag" does not occur. Right-click the speaker icon in the lower right hand toolbar. Open playback devices and set speakers as the default device, leaving the headset as the default recording device.


 - OR -


2 - From the Start Menu select control panel

-Select Ease of Access Center

-Select Use the computer without a mouse of Keyboard

-Select Use Speech Recognition

-Select Start Speech Recognition  

         *Note that microphone setup may be required*

-With speech recognition program "listening" open WordQ and begin training

         *Note that speech recognition engine may ask "what was that?" and provide a notification chime until training has been completed at least once.



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